Bike trips in Provence:

Here is a small directory of what i think are some nice ride to have down here. The trips are  round trips, so you can start it from any point. My starts are mainly from Marseille old harbor, first because i do like the area (a view to kill on the famous "Bonne Mère" ) and second you can find here as much café as you wants with pleasant terrasse where to get a coffee or breakfast and as much safe place to park your bonny.

* This means a cool tour where you can take your time to watch and have a nice break for lunch.

** That the one for those not afraid to ride a bit more kilometers and to prefer pic-nic instead of restaurant.
*** Same as two stars but you will have to start early

 Tour #1 *: 220 KM where you will scratch your side stand on the center VAR and St Baume roads, pleasant in summer because of the relatively few tourist there and cool temperature, don't forget your sweater in winter.You can plan a pit stop for lunch in Barjol or a pic-nic somewhere between Chateauvert and Correns (lots of shadow to rest).

 Tour #2  * : 250 KM along the blue see from Marseille to Lavandou and a small tour in the Maurs 's hill. Then back home by the Castellet road. A bit crowdy on the sea side in summer time, the inner road are less busy but the heat is on.In fact the best time are the nice sunny days in winter or spring.

 Tour #3  **: 280 KM In order to make a nice tour in the Lubéron, the great road in the Lourmarin canyon, a glance on Gorde and Roussillon, La Chaussée des Géants and round the our Sainte Victoire.I could have put only one star  for this tour but if you really want to make some stop for better watch it will be better not to slow down for the ride....

Tour #4 **:  280 KM in the Lubéron and up to the Géant Provencal, Le Ventoux , a wonderful tour for those not affraid to face a full twisties day.The start is here in Aix-en -Provence, just for fun .

Tour #5  ** : 240 KM to the montagne de Lure, exactly at the signal de Lure to get fresh air at 1900 M . The way to go is only  80km, which gives time enough to make a short walkabout around and a little piquenique by the way. The place gives (yes its free) a view to kill and you can even come here in winter (when the road is dry) to play  bal (snowbals).
Here we start from Aix, if you come from Marseille just add the highway ride to warm the bike.

 Tour #6 *** : A 300 km trip, a very good stuff. We start to ride thru the upper Var to join Castellane where you will be able to rest for the lunch (bad idea if you prefer to stay late in bed...) you will find nice restaurants with almost affordable prices (really no surprise when not in summer season) you then will be ready to start for the Verdon Canyon road. The north road is better in cold season and the south one in summer beacause cooler but anyway both have to be done (2 trips for the same price). After the canyon you gone brake some plates in Moutier if you like it and have enough money. Then, if you still have enough energy you can have some more on the back road to Aix.
Tour #7 *** : 330 km for a round trip.As i told in the previous tour, there is other way to have a tour in the  Verdon Canyon . Here is one which allows to ride both north and south side of the canyon. The way back part of the trip is also not to bad.You will find here the most prefered trip of main part of the local riders, specially those who are twisties lovers.

The test trip of 7000km*** : 7000km for a trip in France Spain Portugal and Italia with a 6 month old R1150GS. A unusual trip but really a great one.

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