Model date:
Purchased date (2nd hand)

When bought: 10000km
Now 01/12/01: 95000km (sold during 12/01)

Mecanical point of view:
Engine oil leak when i bought it ,but solved for free by BMW dealer.
New battery after nerly 6 years service
It seems that both engine and gears became much less harder since it was 50000km (easy to ride on twistie road on 5th gear from 2000rnd/min)

By BMW ervery 10000km

Rear about 13000km-----> type Michelin T66X
Front about 14000km-----> type Michelin T66X
Michelin have 2 problems, noisy and not to good on wet. On dry the grip is over the top and there is no problem for putting the crash bar on the tarmac(while riding of course). I stopped the Metzeler because of not so much grip and shorter life, mainly the front

Normal riding 90-130km/h: 5,5 6 liters/100km
Cool riding : 5 litres/100km (with any load)
Experience: 7000km from Marseille to Portugal and back, only 5,3L / 100km (18,9km/L)
When showing to GSXR ZXR ZZR XX R1 R6...what it is really : 7,5 liters/100km

In every days life, town twisties highway ... 6liters average.

Castrol RS or Motul 3100
1/2l between 2 services.

Options BMW:
RID (rider individual display)
Pannier Touring
CrashBar (nice metalic noise when scratching the tarmac))

Other options:
Bagster tank set + bag
Givi Topcase 46L
Extra light 2 X 55W
Tripmaster Sigma
Home made fairing ( made from a 600XLV + Ermax windscreen and original BMW color paint)
Modified saddle (more foam and no more sliping )
Replaced handlebar holder with a Wunderlich option for more comfort (extra)
Pilote, good looking, pleasant mate, ready for any long ride...